現在I.D. Land Companyではスタッフを募集しております。


  • 勤務地:中目黒、青山、表参道、Paris
  • ② Taste AND Sense STORE STAFF
  • 勤務地:中目黒


  • ① 各店舗における販売を中心として店舗業務全般。
  • ② フロア・キッチンスタッフ


  • ①②正社員(研修期間有り)/アルバイト


  • ①②学歴不問、経験者優遇。


  • 社員:実務経験により当社規定にて決定
  • アルバイト:時給950円~(研修期間あり、経験により相談)、日給:実務経験により当社規定にて決定


  • 経験、能力を考慮の上、当社規定により優遇。
  • 交通費支給(社内規定による)、各種社会保険完備、社員商品割引購入。
  • 年2回賞与(業績連動型)
  • ① 社販サポート制度
  • ② 制服支給
  • アルバイト(社員登用制度あり)


  • 履歴書・職務経歴書・全身写真をご送付下さい。
  • 書類審査の上ご連絡を致します。
  • 尚、送付書類(作品も含む)はご返却致しませんので、あらかじめご了承下さい。
  • 詳しくはページ下部のアドレスよりメールにてお問い合わせください。

  • ■ 送付先
  • 〒150-0033
  • 東京都渋谷区猿楽町11-19
  • TEL:03-5459-5466 FAX:03-5459-5467
  • (株)アイディーランドカンパニー採用担当宛
  • ※履歴書には必ずメールアドレスのご記入をお願い致します。
    弊社からの連絡をご記入頂いたメールアドレスへ送りますので、記載がないとご連絡を致しかねます。 ご了承下さい。

  • ■ お問い合わせ

We are looking for new staffs working together in I.D. Land Company.

- Positions available

  • 1. Sales (1LDK shop staff) positions
  • Work Location: Nakameguro, Aoyama, Omotesando and Paris
  • 2. Waitstaff and Kitchen (Taste AND Sense restaurant staff) positions
  • Work Location: Nakameguro

- Work Contents

  • 1. Proposing/selling products mainly and various services and works in each shops
  • 2. Waitstaff and Kitchen crew

- Types of employment

  • Regular employees
  • Note: The first three months are a training period for new recruitments.
  • Part-time employees

- Application criteria

  • Regardless of educational background, applicants with experiences are preferred.
  • A person who sympathizes with a view of the world of 1LDK.
  • A person who has a strong ability of communication, and works positively.

- Salaries

  • Regular employees: Decided by business experiences according to the company regulation.
  • Part-time employees: From 950 yen per hour (including a training period, and negotiable depends on experiences), the daily pay is decided by business experiences according to the company regulation.

- Allowances

  • Preferential treatment according to the company regulation depends on business experiences and abilities.
  • Transportation allowance (on the basis of internal rule), Supporting employee discount system,Provides uniforms.
  • Part-time employees have opportunities to become regular employees.

- Insurance

  • Health insurance, employees' pension, unemployment insurance, full workers' accident insurance coverage

- Pay increases

  • Generally once a year

- Bonuses

  • Twice a year (Performance-based)

- Selection method

  • Please begin by completing the pre-entry procedures People who have completed pre-entry procedures will be informed of company briefings, provided with information about selection, etc.

- Selection process

  • Please send a C.V., a resume showing career / job history, and a full-length photograph.
  • We inform results of documents screening to applicants.
  • We kindly ask for your understanding that documents (including art works) will not be returned.
  • For further information, please send an email to the address bellow.

  • <Send to>
  • Attn: Person in charge of recruitments
  • To: I.D. Land Company Co., Ltd.
  • 11-19, Sarugakucho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan
  • TEL:03-5459-5466 FAX:03-5459-5467
  • Note: Please be sure to write your email address in your C.V. We will reply to your email address, therefore we will not be able to reply you if you do not write your email address in your C.V. Please be understanding of this.

  • <Contact us>